Creator, builder, performer, Mike Michaels continues his world-wide success and acclaim as he astounds audiences with the world’s only Mechanical Magician. In a performance which combines his robotic movements, state of the art mechanical electronics, and a staggering bombardment of cartoon sound effects, he creates the unusual imagery of a Living Robotic Magician. Mike spent over 5000 hours of research and development to update his original, award-winning act, Mike’s body blows up revealing his moving robotic skeleton, creating the world’s most original display of special effects and magic, live on stage. This specialty act is valued at a quarter of a million dollars.


Michael’s performances are so highly acclaimed that he has earned the nickname “Favorite Amongst Royalty.” He has performed for the “King and Queen of Romania,” the “King and Queen of Malaysia,” the Princess of Spain and at a ROYAL VARIETY PERFORMANCE for “Princess Diana and Prince Charles.” He was also personally requested by his “Royal Highness, Prince Rainier of Monaco.”


Mike Michaels was the winner of the “Siegfried & Roy’s, Golden Lion’s Head,” and of the “Magic Grand Prix in Monaco.”  He was awarded the grand prize at the “Woqiao Festival,” attended by Jiang Zemin, President of P.R. China and won a top prize at the “Golden Circus Festival” in Rome Italy.   

Having received the highest honors an entertainer could wish for, it is no surprise that Mike Michaels, The Mechanical Magician, is one of the brightest stars working in the entertainment industry today.


Mike Michaels, always in demand, continues to spread his magic around the world with live television appearances in over 50 countries.


Mike has been a featured performer in such acclaimed Las Vegas shows as the “Follies Bergere” at the Tropicana Hotel, and “SPLASH” at the Riviera Hotel.  It comes as no surprise that he  was asked to return to one of the most prestigious Hotels in the World, “Sun City,” in South Africa for two successful contracts.  Mike’s numerous appearances in Europe include the exclusive “WINTERGARTEN” in Berlin, Germany. His originality was also hugely appreciated by the judges, winning a top award in "DAIDOGEI WORLD CUP" in Shizuoka-city, Japan.  For  years, Mike had been featured in “THE WORLD’S GREATEST MAGIC SHOW” in Las Vegas. Most recently, Mike was invited to appear in the "International Magic Festival" for two seasons as one of 7 renowned magicians in the world and toured all over Brazil.


JACK IN THE BOX - 100% Original,  Mike's newest creation. Mike, as a Jack, whose upper half body attached to a spring, appears from inside of a box,  entices audience with his very original paper-themed magic. As a climax, Jack flies out of the box operating a backpack helicopter. Numerous special effects in addition to his one of a kind designed costume and stage set also would make the act as "a new must-see" performance .


In 2009, Mike started building his own line of products. His focus is to design, create and fabricate visually stunning and extremely detailed magic equipment. While he still enjoys and loves performing, he puts his mind and heart into his products with passion.

His creative mind never stops.