Brand new from Mike Michaels, very first small close-up magic trick.

The concept is to have a vanished small key, a ring or the larger part of a dollar bill, a marked/signed coin or a torn card edge etc. to appear inside/under the skin of your forearm. For example, you take a dollar bill. Tear a section off with just enoughf of the serial numbers and burn the larger part. Then, you take out a small surgery kit to prepare for the operation. You open the surgery kit with all the tools, the surgery arm apratus framework with the surgical light and clip it on your arm, then uncover the cutting area to get started.  To make the operation area sterile, you can have the volunteer puts on rubber gloves and a mask. It’s up to you to create the circumstance serious or comical. You take a small scalpel and cut into your forearm. While cutting, you can have some blood, lots of blood or a little blood from the skin. It's your choice. You can actually cut open the skin a little bit more to expose the muscles below the skin and you, with provide hemostates, take out the missing burned larger par of the dollar bill, or again, a key, a card tip, a signed coin or a small ring and drop it into the surgery tray like you see on TV with a clink. Then you apply a blue BAND-AID over the area and remove the surgery framework with its bright LED surgical light.  When they look, the BAND-AID is on your arm after the frame work is removed. Moments later, you unpeel the BAND-AID and you are cut free and totally restored.

Think of it as an utilty device or a bill in arm, a ring in arm. Mike provides you with the tool to creat your own routine.


Pre-set takes about under 5 minuets.

You can perform surgery during a close up or parlor show. Will you be the 1st to do it on TV?


It includes:​​​​​​​

  • A first aid kit bag or an upgraded aluminum case (approximately 10 by 8 by 9”) for $50.00 additional
  • The surgery arm framework with alligator clips for replacement medical wipes
  • A surgery light with 3 settings - off white , cool white and bright. easy plug in and charge from your computer
  • A load gimmick for the size for a small key, coin (size of a quarter), dollar bill, torn corner of a playing card .
  • Hollywood blood 
  • Replacement skins (approximately 40 pieces) 
  • A stainless-steel medical tray
  • Hemostat grippers
  • Surgery scissors 
  • A scalpel/pointed blade 
  • Instructions on how to match and prepare the skin and website links for where to buy blood and skins
  • The Band-Aids 
  • Estimated price per use - 40 cents 


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  • anatomy5.jpg
  • anatomy12.jpg
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UPDATED July 17, 2023



$ 589.00 USD for the surgery kit in a First-Aid bag

$ 649.00 USD for the surgery kit in an aluminum case


$ 125.00 USD additional for an ungimmicked duplicate surgery frame with a light for prior examination

*Shipping and a case prices are not included.