Mike, as a magician and builder, creating illusions for magicians around the world, launched a new watch brand Chrono Lab, hand making custom watches. This watch is a little different: it has a mini deck of cards mounted into and on to its inner clock works. A jeweled gravity motion balance wheel turns. What's unique about this watch is you wear it as a conversation piece while you're performing your magic. If somebody asks about it or as part of your presentation you have a card selected from a deck of cards chosen in any way you like. With just a simple wave of your hand, a card pops out of the deck and they can see their chosen card inside the watch. With another movement of your wrist or hand, the card goes back into the deck and it does not come out of the deck until you want to. You can wear this watch all the time with the card inside the deck and only at your command, it will pop out and be visible to your audience members.


Remember, it tells time, too.


A gift watch case available. Please visit Chrono Lab to learn more about Mike's unique watches and the gift case.


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UPDATED January 12, 2022

Due to recent shortage of and price increase in materials, our prices have changed. Hope this situation is temporary, and we ask you for your understanding.  Thank you.


$ 449.00 USD 

*Shipping price not included. A gift watch case available.