A little something special for your office, desk, or collection , introducing our singing bird. There are different styles available. 

These are NOT a magic trick. Made by Mike Michaels. Please inquire for details. Order now!


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UPDATED July 17, 2023


Price starting

  • $ 1,200.00 USD for a standard sytle of our singing bird perched on a brass magic wand with a business card / a deck of cards holder with a pen rest 
  • $ 1,850.00 USD for our singing bird perched on a brass magic wand mounted over moving clockworks - these clockworks have lots of motions some of them don't. Each piece that goes on is a form of artwork, so some of the gears/clockworks turn but some of them don't.
  • $ 150.00 USD for an additional real working round clock installed
  • $ 100.00 USD for an additional motion sensor installed - if somebody walks by the bird then it will start moving and chirping or if you touch it the bird starts to chirp
  • $ 100.00 USD for an additional for a close-up pad mounted
  • Also as seen photos above, we offer different colors of wood, as well as different styles upon request. *The gold branch design seen in photos was custom-made piece and not to be duplicated. 


*Shipping price not included.